Insurance for Peace of Mind

Peace of mind for you & your family

Life can be unpredictable, but you will always have peace of mind with our complete range of life insurance and mortgage protection products.

Financial Review

When you meet with us for the first time, we conduct a detailed review of your current financial circumstances. We gain an understanding of your priorities and we help clarify your goals.

Pension & Financial

We will construct a Financial Plan which will set out how you can reach your goals. We will meet you on an annual basis to formally review your Financial Plan to ensure that it is meeting your expectations. As circumstances frequently change, these regular meetings allow us to keep up to date with changes in your own circumstances and advise you of any amendments in legislation etc. which may impact on you and your Plan.

Life Insurance

An unexpected event such as serious illness or death can result in financial difficulties for you and your family. You can avoid this by implementing a comprehensive protection plan to provide financial assistance when you need it most.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Transferring wealth to the next generation is a subject that most people think about at one time or another. Having accumulated wealth during your lifetime, how can you ensure that this wealth gets passed to the next generation in the most tax efficient manner? Could your portfolio of assets be significantly eroded by Capital Gains and Capital Acquisitions Tax?

We can provide you with independent advice helping you to put plans in place to ensure the tax efficient transfer of your assets during or after your lifetime.

Keyman Insurance

Key employees are found in every successful business. Whether they are the entrepreneur, the inventor or the person with the essential technical know-how the sudden loss of a key employee will put the business at great risk. Whilst an insurance policy alone cannot replace a key member of your team it is possible to insure the business against the death or sudden critical illness of that person.

Just like a normal life insurance contract, a Keyman policy can provide funds for the use of the business in the event that a key person dies or suffers a serious illness which might prevent them from working. However, in this case the funds would be paid to the Business rather than the employee or their beneficiaries.

Shareholder Protection

The owners of a business might not always be involved in the business on a day to day basis or may not even consider that their contribution is valuable other than purely from a financial point of view. However, the unexpected death of a shareholder can put great financial strain on a business as the remaining shareholders will need to ensure that they retain ownership, and therefore control, of their Company by purchasing the shares from the estate of the deceased shareholder.

A shareholder protection plan is a simple life insurance contract with the aim of providing funds to buy back those shares in the event of the death of a shareholder


Testimonials from our clients.....

John has provided invaluable and impartial advice and guidance for nearly a decade , he’s always available to make sure we have the best information available and make the right choices

Ciaran Lavelle, client since 2007
Sales Director Heavey RF

When it comes to the minefield of pension and financial advice there are loads of companies out there, but John helped us set up our first ever company pension plan with minimum amount of jargon. The employees found him easy to chat to and he was always there to lend advice and make alterations when the need arose

Dave Buggy, client since 2010
Managing Director, EES Ltd

John has been looking after us for many years now & we have always found him very professional & efficient in every way & always there when we need him, calls in several times a year with updates and sound advice on our pension needs. We would highly recommend John if you are in need of financial or pension advice.

Garrett Donnery, client since 2014
Director, Target Golf Management

John has taken us from an engaged couple buying their first house right up to setting up our own business and seeing our children attend college, he has provided expert advice throughout this time

Michael, client since 1994
Owner, plant hire business

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